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You did WHAT? (GoRuck Light Race Report)

on November 20, 2013



Yep, 1 week after running my first 1/2 marathon, I participated in a 6 hour team event patterned after Special Forces training.  I participated with a group of 14 awesome people from the fitness center that I go to.  One of the trainers there helped us prep for the event. 

You go into this not knowing much of anything.  They tell you where to meet the week of the event, but that’s it.  You have no idea what you will be doing, where you will be going or how long it will take.  We were told to meet up at the UVA Rotunda.  Including our group, there were 34 team members.  Our Cadre, Matt, had us line up and pull the weights out of our rucks for inspection.  Each person had to put weights (bricks or sand bags) in their ruck, along with a filled water bladder, snacks and any other essentials we felt we needed (chapstick!).  Once we passed inspection, our Cadre explained that our rucks can never touch the ground.  We have to carry then for the duration of the event.  First up, pushups followed by squats with our rucks overhead, flutter kicks with rucks in front of our chest, a long low crawl and a grueling EIGHT rounds of box jumps up the rotunda steps.  Quite literally hundreds of box jumps!

box jumps rotunda


rucks up

Once we were warmed up, ha ha, we were tasked with getting pictures and details of a statue that was a little over a mile away.  We had to go as a team and we had a time limit.
Once we returned, we were lined up again and taken to retrieve a broken telephone pole that we had to carry as a team for a little over 3 miles.  If we weren’t carrying the log (we all took turns), we had to carry our rucks without the straps on or we had to do Indian runs with a beer can or a large rock.

log carry caitlin

log carry caitlinsean

log carry

Indian RUn


We arrived at the Riverview trail and were told to get in the (FREEZING) water.  Once we were all in, we had to do pushups in the water, squats and flutter kicks.  This was by far, the worst part.  COLD!!!
Crossing water

Pushups caitlin

Pushups water

Water FLutter Kicks

river squats

Next up, more walking/jogging while doing Indian runs.  We then had to do some lunge walking, a long bear walk, and more lunge walking to a huge hill in Darden Towe.  We had to low crawl up the hill that seemed to go on forever, then jog over to a set of stairs (on the same hill) and box jump up those steps for another EIGHT rounds!  Once again, hundreds of box jumps!!!
bear walk trail

box jumps

low crawl

lunge walk

We then lined up and headed back to our start point (about 4 miles away).  Once we arrived, we were told to bear walk up the rotunda steps, crab walk down and we ended with a set of flutter kicks at the bottom of the steps. 
bear walk rotunda

crab walk

Six hours, a bit over 10 miles, plenty of PT drills, freezing water, some team bonding, and we earned our Go Ruck Light patch.
go ruck finishers 2

go ruck finishers

I felt we were well prepared for the event and expected worse.  Would I do it again?  Probably not, but it’s a great story and it feels pretty awesome to have accomplished something that was definitely in the “unimaginable” category prior to getting fit.



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