There is No Secret to Getting Fit

My Journey to Fitness

A new milestone in my journey!

on February 27, 2014

I have officially taken my fitness journey full circle today. I am now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer!

I would have never imagined (NEVER EVER) that I would become a personal trainer, and probably would have laughed at the thought, you know, the kind of laugh where you spit out what you just took a sip of? BAH HA! Yeah, that. It is utterly surreal to be the one now standing in front of clients teaching fitness classes after a lifetime of being unfit. My primary focus (and passion) is working with clients that have a significant amount of weight to lose and beginners with a goal of weight loss. I hope to inspire, motivate, educate, excite, and spark a passion for fitness in my clients.

Weight loss is not an easy journey, especially for those of us that have battled it for years and years. It’s important to remember to take it one step at a time, but most importantly to take that FIRST step and make a commitment to yourself to find the time, put in the effort and fight the mental battles that go along with it.

I am thankful for the support of the trainers that have helped me along my journey (and continue to help me!), and I am thankful to Clay Fitness + Nutrition for the opportunity to pursue this passion. These trainers inspired, motivated, educated, excited, and sparked a passion for fitness I never knew I would have. I am fortunate to have such great mentors and educators as I embark on this new career path.

Though it seems I have taken my journey full circle, there is still much to be learned, and many goals to continue to work towards and new goals to set. I am excited about the possibilities, the people that will allow me to help them along their journey, and the many things I will learn along the way.


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