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Easy Savory Cinnamon Chicken Kabobs

on October 10, 2014

I’ve been very busy lately with teaching my classes, kids activities, my own training, family time and my other businesses, but I’m finally trying to get through a backlog of recipes and get some of my favorites posted.  Finding where I saved the pictures is is always fun!

I spent a good amount of time trying to come up with a name to describe this dish.  It’s not really an indian flavor, but has similar spices.  You can make it spicy or mild or anywhere in between.  The chicken always turns out extremely moist and flavorful.  Once you try it, if you have a better name, please comment!

This recipe is great for whipping up when you haven’t really planned ahead.  There is no marinade time needed.  Just mix all of the ingredients together, plop your chicken in, toss it around and grill it up!  It’s so easy, it’s ridiculous.  Super fast, healthy and delicious!

Though we enjoy making this recipe with kabobs, you can certainly just use chicken breasts or thighs and pop those on the grill.  Breasts or thighs will work with this recipe, sometimes we make a little of both on separate skewers.    Kabobs were once a bit of a pain, but ever since I came across these awesome skewers, they’re so easy to do.  I was skeptical when I saw the skewers at first, but the flat design means the meat won’t flip around, and the the handles don’t get hot, so you can turn them with bare hands!  Get these and you’ll start kebobing (is that a word?) all sorts of things.  Hmm… well maybe that doesn’t sound right, but you get the idea.  🙂



Easy Savory Cinnamon Chicken Kabobs

2 lbs chicken, cut into chunks for skewers (breasts or thighs work)
1 cup plain greek yogurt (I do not use fat-free)
3 tablespoons honey
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp cumin
1 heaping tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp freshly grated ginger
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp sea salt
pinch of cayenne pepper (or to taste)


Step 1:  Combine all ingredients, except chicken in a bowl.

Step 2:  Add your chicken chunks and toss to coat.

Step 3:  Thread onto skewers (not packed too tightly).

Step 4:  Grill over high heat, turning once, until cooked through.  (About 10 minutes over high heat.)

Step 5:  Remove from skewers and enjoy!

Step 1

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


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