There is No Secret to Getting Fit

My Journey to Fitness

My Current Workout Routine

I’m often asked what I do for workouts, and how many hours I work out per week.  Here’s my current schedule.  Keep in mind that I try to stay active on my rest day and always try to get in extra walking and generally move my body throughout each day.

I do switch classes from time to time, depending on my schedule, and I may also switch around my long run day.

Monday:  IronCardio class at IronWolf Training (60 minutes fusion of customized crossfit, strength & cardio)

Tuesday:  Long Run (6+ miles,depending on what I am training for)

Wednesday:  1-3 mile warmup run, followed by Cardio/Weights class at Clay Fitness (30 minutes of high intensity cardio drills, followed by 30 minutes of heavy strength work)

Thursday:   1 mile fast, hilly warmup run, followed by 60 minutes of boxing at IronWolf Training (This is a semi-private lesson with 1 other partner.  We do HIGH intensity boxing, mixed with heavy weight lifting.)

Friday:  I typically run hilly 4 miles fast, sometimes I do 3 miles plus 10 hill sprints, sometimes I just run for an hour (about 6 miles).

Saturday:  90+ minute home workout combining running, strength/weightlifting and boxing

Sunday:  Rest Day!  No formal workout, but I typically keep active with the kids.


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